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Individual Work

"Block Party is a computational design course that will explore the applications and creative misapplications of common digital workflows. Utilizing the visual programming language Grasshopper as well as freeware, students will be led through a course long building exercise that begins by sampling real world conditions and ends with the development of virtual buildings." 

A small block-sized site in the Olympic Village neighbourhood of Vancouver, Canada was selected for this project. Throughout the course, computational workflows including Rhino and Grasshopper were used to optimize floor space ratios and sample design motifs from the neighbourhood to generate building design.

PLAN 1.png
AXO 2.png
AXO 1.png
Miller, Samantha_Assignment03_Render1.jpg
Miller, Samantha_Assignment03_Render2.jpg
Miller, Samantha_Assignment03_Render3.jpg
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